1.8% of the Indonesian population have extreme problems and 19.5% have various issues with regards to their ability to carry out daily activities. People with disability (PWD) have a higher change of being poverty-stricken in Indonesia, and there are strong misconceptions that they are unproductive and dependent.

Yayasan Cheshire Indonesia or Wisma Cheshire (established 1974) is a residential, vocational training programme for adult men and women who have mobility disabilities. Yayasan Cheshire Indonesia is a registered charity in Indonesia, located in South Jakarta, near Rumah Sakit (Hospital) Fatmawati. Yayasan Cheshire Indonesia offers a home to People with Disabilities (PWD) whose families are not able (financially or otherwise) to care for them. Wisma Cheshire offers its residents to undergo vocational training in classes such as woodworking, handicraft (sewing), as well as some complementary skills such as computer and English Language. Our intention is that every resident is eventually able to become financially independent. Additionally, Wisma Cheshire also participates in promoting awareness of disabilities in Indonesia through a campaign with Young Voices Indonesia.
Can you hire a PWD? Can you encourage others to hire PWDs? Can you volunteer or recommend to teach new types of vocational training? If you yes, please contact Wisma Cheshire President, Barbara Speirs, at contactwisma@gmail.com. The majority of costs at Wisma Cheshire are covered by generous contributions from individuals and businesses in Jakarta. A small portion of costs are covered by the sales of our woodwork and handicraft products made by our own residents as part of their vocational training. As such, can you help? Please consider making a cash donation, volunteering your time and skills or purchasing some of the handmade items showcased at the Red Feather Shop, situated at the home.
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