residen wisma
The ethos at Wisma Cheshire is to help the residents gain the skills and confidence to be able to adapt to independent living. To become self-sufficient, to gain self-respect, to celebrate their proud achievement, these attributes are all part of the package that is offered at the home. Vocational training is available in areas such as carpentry, handicraft, sewing and tailoring, basic administration, IT skills, and English language, all of which can be harnessed towards securing financial independence. Other kind of training might be conducted depends on the volunteer availability. In the last two years, 20 (twenty) of our residents have successfully found work or started their own business and have moved out of Wisma thus embarking on their first steps of achieving independent living. We also have a programme called Young Voices Indonesia (YVI). YVI with 70 members combining in Aceh and Jakarta. They live with their parents or family and not staying at Wisma Cheshire. We started this program 5 years ago in order to support the UN convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities. Young Voices Indonesia speaks for the rights of people with disabilities in real life to support young disabled Indonesia to show their talent in music, dance, singing, to help young disabled to have higher education and to campaign about the right of people with disability through art, music, radio interview, and seminar. We do everything we can to make the rights of people with disability a reality.