Pursuing Achievement Through Disability Sport: Indonesian Amputee Football (INAF)

We are so proud of four Wisma Cheshire’s residents; Kabul, Anwar, Sahata, and Vicente; for a very good achievement they have achieved together with other INAF members in winning the amputee footbal tournament in Selangor, Malaysia on 28 June 2018. We won the game versus the Malaysian National Amputee Football Team. There is an interesting story behind our success in Malaysia is the fact that INAF has just been established in 4 months compared to the Malaysia’s amputee footbal team that has been running for 4 years.

INAF members form an amputee difabel community from Jakarta, Tangerang, and West Java who have very good motivation and strong interest in playing football.  Wisma Cheshire supports them through giving them place for meetings and coordination between members, and we also gain incredible support from Selangor Cheshire Home for the accomodation during INAF members’ visit in Selangor. We do hope that INAF will be more successful in the future and many people will be inspired with their spirits on achieving their goals with no limitation.