Progress and Activities of Young Voices Indonesia (YVI)

Jakarta Chapter:

  1. Together with support from Ibu Tuti, the head of the Neighbourhood Community (RT), Vicente Mariano, who is one of our residents and also a YVI member, has requested the local government to repair the side walk in our area. The purpose was to make Jalan Wijaya Kusuma more friendly for the disabled residents and we are happy to report that work is in progress!
  2. Vicente has also sent a proposal to the Social Ministry, for the purpose of having their request to provide some start up capital approved. This is because 4 of the Cheshire residents are currently undergoing the process to start their own small business.
  3. He then met and gave suggestions to the Bappenas (Indonesia Ministry of National Developing Planning) so that disabled communities would be considered in their planning and development programs to ensure proper solutions for those of disabled nature.
  4. Wulaninka, our YVI coordinator, worked together with our young members to develop the Youtube channel for YVI social media campaign.  Please visit “Young Voices Indonesia” on Youtube to watch YVI’s current campaign and their activities.

Aceh Chapter:

Erlina, the YVI Aceh Facilitator, has found a small house to rent which will be used to set up a YVI’s Secretariate office in Banda Aceh. It needed a couple of small adjustments to make access easier for the disabled. A big thank you to St David’s Society who donated their charity funds for the purpose of furthering YVI’s development.  The YVI community in Aceh wish to have a center that is not only for a place to gather or to network, but to have a center that could potentially offer training to improve their skills. By providing them with some courses in sewing, other handicraft making or lessons, we hope that this could improve their livelihood. That is their plan and we will support them on it..